Releasing Heart Blockage


While waiting for my flight on my return trip home from New Orleans, I decided to get a massage at one of these express massage place, as I have done extensive emotional healing work last night and today. During this weekend, I have been needing to do some energy work to release so much emotional pain that I raised.

As I sat for my back massage, the massage therapist tells me that he feels currents running through me from my Kundalini energy, and he feels positive energy flowing from the conflict of ying and yang within me. He tells me that he is trained in level 2 Reiki and can feel energy. This was the exact massage therapist I needed then he appears.

I explained that I have energy blockage in my heart that I am trying to release and that both my heart meridians and my chakra are blocked. While he proceeded to work on my neck, back, and fingers that my middle fingers are where the heart meridians run. While working on my fingers, I began to weep from deep pain stored there and radiating out from my heart chakra.

This release was a deep energetic release from lifetimes of pain and sadness in my heart. I felt this incredible change in my energy field that became so quiet and peaceful. This major emotional release first began with a trigger that raised my heart pain last night, then I did emotional release practice, and followed by energy release through massage. I will continue to do this with other blockages and report back. Sending healing light, Brooke (copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with all rights reserved)

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23 comments on “Releasing Heart Blockage

  1. I have a lot of people around me are familiar with Reiki. It sounds like its time for me to start exploring this work. Thank you sharing and hope you got home safe and sound.

  2. It’s amazing how much blocked energy is stored right? I go through periods of thinking I’ve done a lot of work – then more comes up! It makes me feel ‘I am an unstable person’, but others don’t think so – it is because I go through inner turmoil whenever problems are being released.

      • Thanks…gradually purifying the onion layers of the aura of problem and blockage!

        I had an experience lately linked into this…where I saw a past life flashback…in the flashback which I saw clearly….it was the 1st time I had this type of out of body flashback experience.

        ‘my body’ of that life was a dark skinned man who was laying neatly on this stone slab inside a temple or pyramid which I felt was in Egypt. There were men with I think white clothes and bare skin arms (dark skin) surrounding my corpse with their arms out, they were praying or saying some mantra which I did not understand but it felt quite respectful.

        ‘I’ at the time was already dead and out of body…watching the whole scene from outside of the body.

        Then that ‘me’ who had died flew up into non-physical worlds which were overlapping in my current vision…that part of me was a formless non-physical being which didn’t ‘think’ in words but rather just had a sense of vision or sensing.

        Then I had a vision of my aura from the outside, which had a lot of bright colours but some distorted blockages inside the torso, some spirits or masters or whoever were standing around my aura on a higher level of frequency in another world…and were doing something to help me remove my blockages.

        When I do some meditation I often now detect these dark blockages…which feel like wriggling dark insects…parasites or whatever, dark, black or grey, with various shapes. When I try to grab them and transmute them sometimes I can but other times they wriggle away and try to hide elsewhere in my aura.

        So a lot of work is still being done I guess.

        I think there are a lot of blockages above the crown going up…so when the current of kundalini get’s stronger it breaks down those blockages and the current of kundalini can flow more smoothly through the body :-)

      • Thank you for sharing your amazing past life memory. Kundalini allows us to access these past memories in amazing ways, and I hope it helps you better understand your soul life! Blessings, Brooke

      • Thank-you. I’ve been going through a bit of a difficult stage again – I basically was all happy following my light-path and suddenly I get all these dark-cravings for power and all kinds of bad things – they last some time and then leave me again. During this process I end up researching about stuff I really would never usually want to understand – luciferianism and satanism! During this I felt these energy cords, maybe 5 or 6 of them hooked up to me, so I cut them and my energy felt a bit better after I cut them.

        A helpful soul has been explaining what is going on to help me – as I’m gradually working through my problems and blockages, some very dark karmic connections which I must have formed from past lives attempt to ‘grab me and pull me back’, which manifests in excessive and sudden cravings for things I normally wouldn’t have interest in, fortunately this feeling seems to pass after some hours.

        =( So this is pretty much a story of a soul working towards light, but being pushed/pulled by all these dark things.

        I don’t remember exactly what I did, but have had intuitions about it.

        I cannot wait until …I finally manage to release these bad things so then I can relax!

        It’s a bit like when emotional problems arise and then get resolved – only it’s like a dark personality manifests out, before disappearing.

        I do pretty much know what I’m doing – and the kundalini/light keeps showing me coincidental hints at the very real dangers and reasons why dark things are no good.

        During one of those episodes it feels as if 80% of my personality is taken over and has completely different wishes/desires…a small bit of the true self is left to ‘watch’ the horror, while I think wow what am I doing?

        Luckily I haven’t actually been drawn into trying to do anything specifically bad, but more like reading about it.

        I’m just letting you know some of the things which are occurring to me – so apparently as I said before…I signed some kind of dodgy deal with the dark before and now it’s fighting not to let me go.

        I ultimately feel like the true self will win, in the end, but it’s freaky and disturbing when 80% of your ‘self’ just starts acting and wanting completely contradictory things!

        Speak soon!


      • Hi Jamie, I am sorry that you are having these issues, but they may be the life lessons that you must resolve for your soul life for whatever reason. I know others who have dark addictions like what you described that are from past lives and current life experiences. This person tried energetic releases through acupuncture, Reiki, and Chi Gong, and ego observation practice. What I have found is that ego is at the root of these experiences, and you can release your ego to get immediate relief, then work on your true intentions to let go of this dark addiction that may bring pleasure to us on some level. I hope this helps as we all have our own darkness to face. Blessings, Brooke

      • Brooke, I was thinking about kundalini, and how different people explain it differently. I think I finally understand it.

        My own process with the energies was pushing the energy up to store it, then it would make some progress – but if I stopped, it would stop making progress and it was not automatic!

        With you I believe it was all automatic? I read that basically the heat energy and the electric energy and the light energy which go through the body are kundalini in its various forms – depending on how blocked the energy body is.

        So when you open the crown initially, there is an electric circuit which is completed.

        So if we assume for your case (and others who have automatic kundalini rising), the crown gets opened first – you would experience an intense rush of the energy suddenly connecting between root and crown – then this energy which is constantly flowing in higher volume, starts to purify the physical body with heat, the etheric body with electric energy and then the deeper problems with light energy – would you say this accurately describes how you went through it?

        I was trying to make sense of my own experience compared to others!



      • Hi Jamie, My crown chakra did not open until about a year after my Kundalini rising. When my Kundalini rose, I felt this heat energy rising from my root chakra up my spine like electric currents. Many of my chakras were blocked such as my sacral, solar plexus, and heart so I had terrible physical pain for at least a year until I successfully cleared these blockages. After about a year, I had a heart opening, and began releasing the blockages in my sacral, solar plexus, root, then crown. When my crown chakra opened, I felt this incredible circuit connecting through my energy body. Well, this was my experience. Hope it makes sense. Blessings, Brooke

      • It makes very much sense! I’ve come to decide that it doesn’t matter so much how it happens, that it’s all the same ‘in the end’. And what you said makes sense – you had a crown opening which allowed a current of kundalini to flow up your body. This increase in energy started working on clearing blockages physical, emotional, mental and problems stuck within the chakra’s.

        It’s great because it seems like this process was largely automatic. I believe you had some kind of merit which allowed this to happen at this time!

        My own journey was one of meditation to ‘push’ this heat energy up my spine, which cleared channels and healed my physical body. After a year or so the energy turned electrical. I was undergoing other methods of healing to release emotional blockages.

        Then after a while longer, the energy finally started to flow out of the crown, and I’ve gone through emotional, mental clearing and now it’s starting on the heavy ego-work. It feels as if increased light energies are dissolving and threatening my ego, my ego appears as this dark devil inside my body, seeking out selfish things.

      • My Kundalini energy was raised through chakra meditation, although I believe that I was ready for my Kundalini energy to rise. It could have risen in another manner. Ego death or the Dark Night of the Soul is when we transcend past our ego’s illusions. I believe this is where you are, and I also am experience this transformation. May you find your way to peace, Brooke

      • Oh so it was some type of meditation! But like you have said before …I feel we were both definitely ready for what we’re going through – otherwise I don’t think it would have happened.

        I’m definitely going though some seriously heavy ego-light battles, it comes and goes but it’s incredibly difficult when I get cravings.

        I have recovered a lot of past life info recently, to summarise, it dates back quite far…into barbarian times…. the curious me wanted to see how bad I’d been and it got super bad! So I found out I’ve committed every major type of crime possible before. I got shown some visions too…It seems like I got some karmic retribution for this already.

        You said you had a victim role follow you through lifetimes…Mine seems to have been switching on a see-saw between predator and victim, it started off with all the worst stuff….and gradually became less intense yoyo’ing until my soul reached it’s current level!

        The main feeling I get from the past is that there was a much looser policing system…there was a lot of fear, attacks and raids on towns, fighting, stealing, murder and wars…I have got many different war-flashbacks, I feel my soul has absolutely had enough of war!

        …Hope you find interesting!


      • You are correct in that it’s basically about ego-loss. The problems I’m having are due to spikes of ego-desire.

        It needs to be broken down.

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