Prayer for My Journey


Allow me to find the future I seek,

Without hindrances or strife.

Open the path of least resistance,

To find the miracles within.

Remove the blinders,

And the deceptions to my reality.

Let what is not meant for me,

Fall away,

Allow me refuge in nonresistance,

And allow those attachments to fade.

By attracting light instead of darkness,

May my future manifest my dreams,

To bring flow of joy within my grasp. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Free to Fly


The trees are bare,  

To begin a new season.  

A fresh start to build, 

The life you dreamed. 

Gone are the days,  

Of turmoil and instability,  

As life no longer depends on others.  

The path is so clear,  

Forging your way ahead,  

Through self love and honesty,  

As there are no more arguments,  

And no one to persuade.  

Your life is your own, 

With only yourself to justify,  

For you are finally free to fly. – Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Beyond Letting Go


As I have recently let go of many things from my present life that are not meant for me as it was intended to help me resolve my childhood past, I wanted to share what I have experienced after letting go of this major part of my past.  Firstly, letting go is the acceptance of negative situations and events in our lives without resentment, anger, or regret.  It is accepting what happened to us was intended for us to help us learn our life lessons, and learn to make better and wiser choices for our future.  Failure to understand the purpose of these lessons will result in being stuck in this cycle with the same individuals, or others will be brought into our lives to repeat the same experiences.

Once I came to this acceptance, this past fades away, and the fear associated with people and situations that I let go of also fades away. After letting go, I felt this stillness and clarity that I had never observed before.  My choices for myself become crystal clear, and any confusion or doubt that I felt in the past disappears as well.  My higher self is now the center of my spiritual growth, and others voices no longer drown her out as I also had experienced in the past.

As I stand in this stillness, I observe others around me still upset, disgruntled, and reactive, but I have become this stillness.  I have become the peace in the world of chaos, essentially an inert element that is nonreactive to others.  This is perceived by others as lacking a backbone or being a doormat, but I am steadfast on the direction for my life like a mountain in a storm.

This peace that I have given to myself is the gift of self love.  It is feeling and believing that I deserve better, that I am worthy, that I love myself even if no one else does, and I will find the life that I deserve because I believe and have faith in my path forward.  May you find the stillness within you, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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