Celebrating Gaia


Let her rivers cleanse you,

Allow her currents to sooth your pain.

Her sun rays shine upon your face,

Keeping you from loneliness.

Her mountains looming,

Giving you strength to stand alone.

She holds the peace you seek,

And in her presence, you hear the truth.

She will never deceive you,

For her love is pure and true.

Never take for granted the gifts she brings.

Life so beautiful and precious,

With just a breath, we are fully alive. – Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit 2014 with All Rights Reserved)


Photo source: Los errors de Gaia

Dance of the Left and Right Brain


I have been studying Latin and ballroom dancing for the past two years, and I see this correlation between the two dancing partners with left and right brain activities.  In all ballroom forms of dancing, the male is the lead and the female follows. The responsibility of the male lead is to decide the sequence of steps and patterns for the dance between the two.  These activities are very much left brain functions. The female is to be intuitive in following the motions directed by her partner, and become spatially aware of her partner’s body to hers.  These activities are very much right brain functions.

When I dance as the follower, I feel that I do the best when I shut off my left brain and use predominately my right brain. This can be achieved by the feeling of letting go of control, feeling relaxed, and breathing deeply.  The right side of the brain is where we meditate.  When we get to the feeling of meditation, then we can also dance the part of the follower when ballroom or Latin dancing.


Photo source:  www.schumannco.com

Our right brain focuses on the intuitive, imagination, motion, as this side of the brain creates art, music, and dance.  It also is the side of the brain for meditation and spiritual practice.  When we are able to let go of control, feel relaxed, and breath deeply then we have achieved this meditative state in our spiritual work. Try this to see if you can turn on the right side of your brain. Infinite love and light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spiriti with All Rights Reserved)

Ghosts from Our Past


We run from ghosts of our past,

Lurking in the shadow is fear.

Nowhere to run now,

But to face our past,

Memories best forgotten,

Never far from awareness.

Be brave, my soul,

For it is time to let go,

Surrender what was to what will be,

To finally live the life you deserve,

Of freedom from pain and fear,

And where darkness meets light,

A dawn to the beginning of your new life.- Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Photo source: Fireball by Jonas Piontek


On Our Path to Healing

soul-struck-240x300 (1)

During a recent conversation with a former colleague and friend, we talked about the life lessons we learned while both working for the same employer and why we were brought there.  I explained to her that throughout my life, I appear to attract similar supervisors and employment environments. These environments reminded me of my childhood home, frequently emotionally chaotic and unstable.  As an adult, I ran from one employer to another, but I appear to attract the same situations and people no matter where or how far I ran.

I explained to my friend that I began to realize this recently about my life, and my lesson this time around is to learn how to deal with these chaotic and unstable emotional situations.  I believe that I ran from these circumstances because they remind me of my childhood home life that frightens me. However, as an adult, I have the means to protect myself, and make different choices.   As I was unable to cope with this as  a child and as an adult, I used the same coping mechanism of avoidance and escape as I essentially did as a child although I used dissociation, a psychological term that means mentally leaving my body so I could avoid feeling pain and trauma.

Now, as an adult, I realize that my life has been so limited.  I am essentially living a life of a phobic person.  People with phobias avoid their phobias or fears.  For example, if one is phobic to confined space, they would avoid working or living in a building with an elevator.  They would avoid all activities requiring confined or enclosed spaces, etc.  Those with phobias who have not overcome their phobias live a very limiting life full of avoidance and fear in dealing with their reality.

I realize that for my life now, I need to overcome my own phobias that is to learn to deal with people who remind me of my parents.  In order to do this, I must overcome my fears by healing my emotional trauma so that I no longer react to these people.  I earlier posted an article on “How to Achieve Non-Reaction.”  I believe this can be accomplished through Emotional Release Practice, and Ego Observing Practice, both can be found on these tabs on my Blogsite Homepage.

This realization has given me motivation to stay on course to overcome my past and to heal my emotional trauma, so I no longer need to use avoidance and escape as ways of coping with my life now. May you find your path to healing, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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A Journey of Hope


With pride and joy, I think of you,

How far you have come!

Everyday, closer to your destiny,

Of healing, peace, and love.

You inspire me to do the same,

Moving ever forward,

Toward the kingdom of heaven.

Through Divine purpose,

I lift my spirit even in melancholy moments,

When my burden is heavy,

And my heart despairs.

You are there beside me,

To give me hope for another day. ~ Brooke

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


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Karma and Rebirth

images (1)

Since today is Easter, the rebirth or reincarnation of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion and death, it is appropriate to talk about our own rebirth to a new life.  I want to share my observing about how karma works for those who are Kundalini active, and the possibility of changing our own karma for rebirth to a new life.

Since becoming aware of Kundalini after my own Kundalini energy rose, I have observed a correlation between the behaviors of those who are Kundalini active and karma.  On more than one occasion, I have observed the behaviors of Kundalini active individuals who use their Kundalini abilities to manipulate others for their own gain,  use their Kundalini gifts to to control others, or use their Kundalini powers to hurt others, and there appears to be a swift reaction.  As you may be aware, karma is when we cause an action which then results in a force of the opposite and equal reaction.  This is also known as Newton’s Third Law of Motion.

Once we understand how Karma works, then we will understand why certain events occur in our lives. Many have difficulties realizing this concept as they will attribute certain events in their lives to something or someone else, such as others who wrong them, some external force, or other explanations that are external. Our egos do this in order to cope with preserving of the smaller selves, so we don’t need to change our smaller selves, but we want others to change in order to preserve our own smaller selves. We do this all the time, when we blame others for our problems in our lives.  Our egos can even convince us that we are really helping others by our hurtful behaviors.

This is particularly true of Kundalini active individuals as we are given this precious gift of Kundalini, but when we have not released our egos or due to Spiritual Bypass, we may use our abilities for self gain, control, or power. I have observed those who have done just this, and within just a few weeks or months, they become very ill, lose opportunities to earn a living, or experience a series of negative events in their lives.  I believe that Kundalini energy intensified our experiences including karma, so what may take others many years or lifetimes for karma to manifest, it happens swiftly and immediately for those with Kundalini.

Therefore, this time instead of finding some external excuse or reason for our negative experiences, we take this opportunity to look inward, and see the truth about ourselves, this is a great time for growth and change to be reborn to a new life.  One that Jesus had lived, and continues to live in many of our hearts.  Happy Easter!  Sending blessings and love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Such Telepathic Old Lovers

Originally posted on The Seven Minds:

Tantra Coupling “Blocking” Telepathic Old Lovers
By Sister Othelia, 2008

Still dreaming about an old love?  Why can’t you find closure?  Maybe you are leaving old telepathic portal doors open. It starts with a simple vision exercise and a desire to BLOCK disruptive presence in your dreams. [Not a replacement for mental therapy.]


If you believe in auras, energy, astral projection and portals, welcome to the concept of unwelcome Telepathic Love.  It’s theory is that certain people/spirits/ energy connect to a vibration so close to our own, that they have the ability

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The Twin Flame Journey

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What I am about to share is quite personal and difficult for me to share.  I am choosing to share this because I believe it can help many on the Twin Flame journeys since it can be very difficult as it has been for me for three years.   I met my Twin Flame three years ago as which time my Kundalini energy rose. When my Kundalini energy rose, I remembered a vivid memory of spending an earlier lifetime with him in the 1800′s in the United States. I was a White woman then, and we had a daughter together.

During the course of my Twin Flame journey, I have read other Twin Flame blogs talking about their Kundalini energy rising and experiencing a clearing of their chakras and energy body of blocked energy and dross from past emotional pain and trauma.  The purpose of the Twin Flame journey is to help our twin release and clear these blocks, and to help them accelerate during the ascension process. The fall out from this process is extreme fear of what is raised including past trauma and emotional pain.  Our human tendency is to blame the other who raised these negative feelings when in reality, these experiences and feelings are within us. These extreme fears cause us to run from our Twin.

Throughout the Twin Flame experience, there is an intense connection etherically, telepathically, emotionally, and sexually between the Twins.  If both are Kundalini active, then these connections are intensified.  Even during the runner dynamic phase, when the Twins are separated, the connection is still there.  We can sense each other’s thoughts, and feelings, and if something is upsetting them or if they are in  trouble.  We can feel their energy waking in the morning and going to sleep at night.  The sexual connection is so intense even when apart as thinking of the other can cause sexual arousal or orgasms.  Twins can receive messages from each other in our dreams when we need to be comforted and assured.

Separation from ones Twin is heart wrenching. I have met my Twin before in another lifetime.  During that lifetime, we did not reunite after our initial meeting and began the runner dynamic.  To learn about the phases or stages of the Twin Flame journey, please see my post on “Understanding Twin Flame Reunion Stages.” The only solace I can share with you is to send love to your Twin, since you are connected, and they can feel your thoughts and feelings.  Give him/her the unconditional love, support, and prayers they need from you to heal their emotional past, release their ego, help them learn self love, and ascend spiritually.

There are no guarantees in life, but we can give them the love and support they need from us.  May you reunite with your Twin Flame.  Sending love and healing light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Meditation through Art


Today was my glassblowing apprenticeship and when I showed up to work, I was the only apprentice working with the glass artist today.  I was overjoyed in that I am able to do all the assisting instead of sharing tasks with other apprentices.  As I have been working for this glass artist since last fall, I have done all the tasks to assist her in blowing hot furnace glass that she expects and prefers but never alone until today.

In my two earlier posts, I talked about how our brain learns art and music.  Glassblowing is very similar to learning to play the piano or guitar or learning to play music, and less like other forms of art. Furnace glassblowing requires coordinating both hands while doing two different things, and being able to instruct your assistants on what you need from them. The initial process of learning to blow glass is in the left brain that focuses on the steps, in a linear and methodical way. Once you learn to do two different things with both hands, this can be stored in your muscle memory, then the work is done in the right brain where we are no longer focused on the steps, but rather on the creativity of making the glass object.

Once we reach muscle memory and working through the right brain, glassblowing as well as playing music are both meditative in nature. Today, I began practicing this meditation.  In this meditation, we focus intensely on the moment but in a relaxed manner.  Before gathering the glass that is picking up molten glass on a blowpipe or punty (a rod), I began deep breathing until my arms and body felt relaxed.  Next, I picked up the molten glass with the blowpipe or punty trying not to think about the steps but simply reacting to the molten glass’ movements.  Instead of forcing the molten glass to do what I want, I simply moved with it.

Today was the most successful day for me as an apprentice since I began my apprenticeship.  It was easy, effortless, and fun!  Every task came out the way I wanted, and I felt relaxed doing it. My spiritual practice has really helped me with my art and music!  Blessings or love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)


How Our Brain Learns Music


Last evening, I had my guitar lesson and during this lessons I had this awareness about how my brain works when I am learning to play music.  This is particularly enlightening to me as music is my first love, and I have been playing the piano since I was eight year old.  I have lived with, loved, and played music most of my life, and now I composed music as well.

When I was a child, I played piano in many public recitals and auditioned before judges. Many of my public performances did not go well, and I have always wondered why.  Last night, I figured it out.  This is how my brain learns to play music.  The initial phase of my learning is in my left brain that is I learn the fingering, play the notes as it is quite methodical and sounds more mechanical to the ear.  As I begin to learn the music and become familiar, it becomes more muscle memory in my body that is how it feels to my fingers, how my arms are involved, and the rest of my body feels.  When it shifts to muscle memory, I begin to play the music with my right brain when my music become more fluid and more expressive.

This is why we must first learn to be familiar with the notes and fingering before we can become expressive and musical in our interpretation of the music.  What happened to me when I played piano as a child is that when I became nervous, my muscle memory failed to kick in, and as a result, I played with my left brain during my recitals and auditions.  This simply cannot work as the feelings and expressions we put into our music comes from the right brain.  In operating through our right brain, we are playing almost on autopilot with only our expressions or feelings of the music as the focus.

Whenever we are not playing well or unable to perform, it has to do with nervousness that causes muscle memory to falter and the right brain cannot create effectively.  The right brain cannot function in nervousness but only through peace and fluidity. Therefore, in order to create as a musician, we must feel calm and peaceful before we perform or we will essentially be playing mechanically through our left brain.  Just some insights on how I create through music, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)