Message to My Inner Child


On my journey inward,

Darkness looms in hidden corners.

There I meet myself,

Naked and revealed.

It is a face I do not recognize,

As I reach into the depth of my being.

I confront my despair, loneliness, and anguish,

A child full of pain.

She is hidden away,

In safety from the darkness.

Come out, come out, blessed child,

I am here to comfort, love, and protective you.

Let the sunshine heal your pain,

And show you joy you have never known.

There is no more fear to bear,

As we walk together hand in hand into the light . . .

(Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Become the Person You are Intended to Be


Part of the emotional healing process during our spiritual journey is to take responsibility for our own actions.  When we refuse to see our own actions, we continue to make the same mistakes, and simply point fingers at others for our mistakes.  In this healing process, I am learning to acknowledge the mistakes I made, ask for forgiveness from those I hurt whether they forgive me or not, forgive those who hurt me to let go of past hurts, and change the negative karma between me and others.

This is a new semester at my college, and I am practicing just this with those I work.  Last semester, I did and said things out of frustration, and I needed to change that negative karma I created with others.  This semester, I decided to take those with whom I work to lunch to express a new start and beginning in my relationship with them.  Sometimes, when we feel so much anger, hurt, and frustration in our own lives, we will treat others as such.

This year is about healing my past when I felt like a victim, felt out of control, and felt helpless. The truth is that others cannot truly destroy us, only we can destroy ourselves.  Look deep within yourself, and ask your higher self if this is true. We have the power to do the right things in our lives to change that negative karma with others.  After having grown emotionally this past year, I am no longer the victim of my past, but I am becoming the woman that I am intended to be.  Become the person you are intended to be.  Blessings of healing love.  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Surviving the Perfect Storm

PERFECT-STORMThe perfect storm by definition is “a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation.”  This term is used to describe severe storms in our weather, but it perfectly describes our own life circumstances when we have failed to resolve our emotional past issues.  This is the life lesson that I have learned through my own life experiences.

Through our own emotional landscapes, we too have a confluence of events that is our “perfect storm” that will aggravate our life situations resulting in suffering and pain.  For each of us, we have unresolved emotional issues from our past.  We may have forced ourselves to live a “healthy life” currently, but inevitably we will encounter our perfect storm.  

For some of us who have used avoidance and denial to live in our current lives, we may not even see this storm coming, and when it arrives, we may not even realize that we are in the mist of the storm full of destruction and chaos.  We, however, begin to see that the perfect storm has blown our house down, and destroyed the very things we love in our lives.  

By the time the perfect storm is in our lives, getting out of storm becomes a huge and difficult endeavor as we watch the life we have known be destroyed around us.  The way to survive our perfect storm is to make peace with our past, and heal our emotional landscape so we no longer will be impacted as we will see this storm coming and evacuate to a safer place.  Healing love and light. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)