Beyond Letting Go


As I have recently let go of many things from my present life that are not meant for me as it was intended to help me resolve my childhood past, I wanted to share what I have experienced after letting go of this major part of my past.  Firstly, letting go is the acceptance of negative situations and events in our lives without resentment, anger, or regret.  It is accepting what happened to us was intended for us to help us learn our life lessons, and learn to make better and wiser choices for our future.  Failure to understand the purpose of these lessons will result in being stuck in this cycle with the same individuals, or others will be brought into our lives to repeat the same experiences.

Once I came to this acceptance, this past fades away, and the fear associated with people and situations that I let go of also fades away. After letting go, I felt this stillness and clarity that I had never observed before.  My choices for myself become crystal clear, and any confusion or doubt that I felt in the past disappears as well.  My higher self is now the center of my spiritual growth, and others voices no longer drown her out as I also had experienced in the past.

As I stand in this stillness, I observe others around me still upset, disgruntled, and reactive, but I have become this stillness.  I have become the peace in the world of chaos, essentially an inert element that is nonreactive to others.  This is perceived by others as lacking a backbone or being a doormat, but I am steadfast on the direction for my life like a mountain in a storm.

This peace that I have given to myself is the gift of self love.  It is feeling and believing that I deserve better, that I am worthy, that I love myself even if no one else does, and I will find the life that I deserve because I believe and have faith in my path forward.  May you find the stillness within you, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Reflections of Change


For those of us working on emotional healing and ascension through our Kundalini energy, we feel an incredible fast speed in which our growth and healing takes place.  It is as if our lives are moving at the speed of light, and growth and changes occur within months rather than years. In the past three years, I believe that I have emotionally healed what I attempted to do in my life during my earlier ten years.

This rate of emotional change also causes much physical changed in our lives. Once we begin to heal our past emotional wounds, relationships with those who began or currently exist based on old emotional patterns will end.  Even if we desperately want to hang onto those relationships, we cannot as our intuition will tell us that this is no longer who we are. It will feel like a charade to us.

We may also begin to seek to change our careers, our jobs, or our interests, as we have become a new person through healing. The old patterns of thinking and behaving no longer work for us.  We may even leave the life we have known, and create new and healthier lives for ourselves.  Those around us may find this distressing and upsetting.  Imagine that you have given up drug or alcohol addiction in your life.  You will no longer hang out with those who are still addicted, and you may begin to take responsibility for yourselves by finding a job or a healthy interest.

It is no different with emotional healing and recovery.   We begin to let go of people and behaviors, and what brought us together with them no longer exists within us. These are some of the struggles of this incredibly fast emotional healing and growth we may experience.  What I have learned is that we must give up our past in order to move onto our future that we have dreamed of.  Blessings of love, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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Letting Go of What is Not Meant for Us


On my journey, the most difficult thing I have found is to gracefully let go of things not meant for me.  I have faltered many times on my journey, and this is intended to teach me to let go of what is not meant for me.  I have hung onto my wounded past refusing to let go, only to be taken me down a path of current day hurt, pain, and more suffering.

I know that this path is intended for me, although it has been painful.  The irony is that If I do not let go of this pain, I continue to replay my past hurt and pain, and continue my own suffering. This part is counter intuitive, as we just want to deny or avoid this pain, but unfortunately, we are brought this pain again and again in our lives when we attempt to deny or avoid it as this is our intended life lessons.

Upon introspection, I realize why certain people are brought into my life, why they hurt me, and what I must learn about myself, and make different choices for my future. Every mistake and failure help us find what we must find within them.  When we are able to learn what it is that we are intended to learn through these mistakes, those painful experiences were not wasted, but have provided the required lessons that are intended for us.

In finding peace with this, we are able to move forward on our paths and let go of the hurt and mistake through forgiveness of ourselves for making these choices, and others for hurting us.  We realize that these are no longer the choices we will make again in the future.  There are plenty of new opportunities and experiences for our future, and we face the future with hope and faith that what is meant for us still await us.  Peace and light, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Living Our Truth


My recent spiritual and emotional growth have given me experiences that I have never felt before for any lengthy periods.  My feelings about myself and others are so vastly different than what I had felt earlier in my life.  I still get frustrated and irritated, as I am human, but my perspective toward my life, future, and outcomes is one of non-attachment.

It is not indifference about others as I feel very deeply for others and feel empathy toward others, but I simply don’t feel attached to outcomes with them.  I go about my life without feeling that I must be with any particular people, to live in any particular place, or act in a certain way.  I feel free to try things within my values and beliefs, and I no longer try to conform to please others.

I am working on opening my throat chakra, so I have been voicing my own truth. I have noticed others disagreeing with me, and I am okay with it.   I don’t need others to agree with my truth, as I know what my truth is, and why I must face that truth.  Being honest with myself about my reality is important, whether it is pleasant or not. This is facing our own darkness so we can shine our own light upon it. Sending infinite light and peace, Brooke (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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