What We Mirror


Most of us are unable to see ourselves clearly because of our egos, but we are able to see clearly flaws and problems within others.  This is the result of repression and suppression of pain within our emotional landscapes caused by our egos.  Ego feels so threatened by our emotional pain so it represses it automatically without our awareness or suppresses this pain through our awareness.  Ego wants to protect our identity so badly, even if it is a false identify.

Because I am aware of my own blind spot resulting from my ego’s suppression and repression, I begin to observe those around me.  Do I still attract very emotionally injured, angry, bitter, and troubled people, or am I attracting more aware, stable, kind, and compassionate people?  Those days of denial, projection, and self deception are over for me, as I am willing to see myself for who I really am.

As I observe those around me, I am finding more self aware, emtionally stable, happier, and more compassionate people in my life.  My attraction to negative people are beginning  to change, and I find their energy repulsive and even physically difficult to tolerate.  In the past, I would need those negative people to see how truly negative they are, but now I simply walk away as I no longer feel drawn or attracted to them.  May you heal yourself and let go of negative people in your life. (Copyright 2014 Soul Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

Divine Masculine and Feminine Union


This weekend, I had a transformational experience during my Reiki session.  My Reiki practitioner is an intuitive healing who has been helping me with my chakra blockages for the last several months.    During this Reiki session, she helped me with blockages in my throat and sacral chakras, and  facilitated my masculine and feminine union. What I experienced was nothing short of amazing!

My masculine has always been very strong as he protected me against the abuse I experienced as a child in this lifetimes, and I believe, he played the role of protector in my earlier lifetimes as well. As the practitioner used body work to release the blockage in my sacral and throat chakras, I saw a vision of my masculine who is man looking sad and worn.  I believe he feels that he will be forgotten and no longer useful in my life.

I told the practitioner of my vision, and in this moment, my feminine reached out to my masculine and held him in her arms.  The above photo is similar to the vision I saw.  Love filled and radiated from my heart, and in that moment, I experienced an energetic Divine Union.  My feminine is now the strength, love, and compassion within me to understand the masculine’s need to be love and comforted.  It was truly beautiful as my angel guides looked on during my ecstatic experience.

Since October 8th, after the lunar eclipse, I have experienced some dramatic shifts within me, allowing me to let go of many emotional blockages. A solar eclipse is expected to be on October 24th when my Reiki practitioner predicts that I will experience a full Divine Feminine and Masculine Union. I am very excited about my progress and will keep you posted.  (Copyright 2014 Soul Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

Photo source:  risinguptheladderoflove.com

Grieving for Our Loss


Through every transformation, there is giving up of an old life that you lived before the transformation.  It was something I never really thought about as I have been transforming on my spiritual journey for the past three and half years.  As we heal our past emotional pain, we shed our old selves to transform into a new version of ourselves like a caterpillar into a butterfly.

For a butterfly, it is the natural progression of things, but for humans, we have awareness of what is happening to us.  There is a grieving of this past life of who I was, what I experienced, and the people in my past.  This grieving is part of the transformation process.  I cry frequently during my day as I let her go, and watch my past fade away.

It is not that I want to hang onto that past, but to acknowledge that I had this past and it is time to move forward in my life.  It has been a difficult process for me, as letting go is very hard for me.  In letting go, I move forward without the expectations of my past, without the judgment, without taking on others burden, and without holding onto my past pain.

In grieving for this loss, I will be able to let go of my past in peace.  For I surrender to what is intended for me in my life as I shall finally shed the skin that no longer fits me and as the new version of me comes into view. (Copyrigh 2014 Soul Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

Love is a Two Way Street


Throughout my childhood, I lacked love from my parents and as an adult, I struggled to find healthy love in my relationships.  What I have failed to understand throughout my childhood and most of adulthood is that love is a two way street.  We can always give love to others, but for those we accept into our lives, we should receive love in return as well.

Many of my adult relationships lacked this reciprocity, and I allowed many into my life who do not treat me well or with respect.  I repeated the same dynamics as that with my parents, where I give love, but receive very little in return.  I allowed others in my life to treat me with this disrespect, but continued to allow them in my life.

When we begin to heal our emotional wounds, we begin to realize our self worth and begin to love ourselves.  When others treat us with disrespect and hurt, we can still send love to them, but we do not need to allow them into our lives.  If you want love, you must be ready to give love as love is a two way street.  This was a hard lesson for me to learn. (Copyright 2014 Soul Awakening with All Rights Reserved)

As My Path Unfolds


When we are on our chosen spiritual paths, there are moments of clarity and everything comes together.  This has been what I have been experiencing in the last few days.  I can see my life as if I am standing far above myself looking down as the events of my life unfold.  When I interact with those around me, I understand what I must do and how I must do it.

I have come to realize that I was brought to a college in a rural community to let go of my past. My mother is represented by my supervisor who I have felt responsible for her happiness and success.  I was brought to this college to let go of this feeling of responsibility that I have held onto forever.  Part of letting her go is to realize that I cannot save her from herself, and quite frankly, it is not my responsibility as I have no such power.

My colleagues at this college represent my siblings who fight among ourselves for a dearth of resources and for the attention of our “mother”.  Part of letting go of my past is my feelings of responsibility in being the strong one to “save” my siblings, and this is simply impossible as I have no such power to change others. These are the reasons that I was brought here to this college.

In this process of letting go, I show others the path to change if they choose it, but if they don’t, I am okay with that as well, as this choice is not mine to make.  I let go of this illusion that I have this power, and the belief that it is my responsibility to change them and save them from themselves.  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Signs Along the Way

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As I have been on my spiritual path for the last three and a half years, I have learned the signs along the way as a guide in finding my way.  The most important thing I have learned about the signs I see along the way is that if there is resistance than you are walking in the wrong direction.  When we are finding our truth and what is intended for our lives, those things will come naturally to us.  This does not mean we don’t work hard in achieving our goals and doing our very best. It does mean, however, that when we do our very best, and there is consistent resistance then we are on the wrong path.

The resistance will come from things outside of our control.  For instance, the person you love does not love you back and wants a different future, then you are in the wrong relationship.  When you and your boss fight on every point of your job, then you have the wrong boss for you.  You keep trying a career that you are told is not a good fit for you by your employers, then you need to find another career. You get the gist.  If something is intended for us, we will excel at it and things will naturally fall into place.  There should be no fighting, arguing, and consistent resistance. The only caveat is that if you are finding resistance in everything and everybody in your life, then you are the problem and not your path, as emotional healing work is needed in your life.

These are the life lessons for me, as I have finally discovered that I don’t need to fight the resistance, but to move to a path of least resistance.  When I do, my hard work will be rewarded and appreciated, and I will finally find the path that I should be on and not the path my ego convinces me to be on.  May you find the path intended for you. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

Who are the “Chosen Ones”?

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For a long time, I didn’t understand what it meant to be the “chosen ones” of God. Many religions speak about being the chosen people of God, but I have found that God does not choose this, we do.  When we chose a path of truth about ourselves, heal the wounds of our past, find the path of light and life through positive energy, and live the life through unconditional love and compassion, we become the “chosen ones.”   We must want this with every ounce of our being, and persevere even when we believe we cannot go forward.

Our paths then are full of synchronicity, we live in peace, people see our lives as being blessed, and we live as if flowing effortlessly down a calm river.  All of these blessings are through the hard work of letting go of ego’s control, facing the ugliness of our own truth, healing our painful emotional past, and finding our way to light, and unconditional love.  We go through so much darkness before we find that light within all of us.  In every religion, the scriptures speak about the struggles involved, and only after these struggles or awakening are we rewarded with enlightenment.
Recently, I realize that the calling of those of us who are Kundalini active is to serve as catalysts for others.  Our role is to help catalyze change in others, but their change is done by them not by us.  Someone recently said that I am a leader in the community, and I said, “no, I am a catalyst, not a leader.”  Catalysts do not become part of the change, we need to move onto others who seek this change.  If others do not wish to change, then we must move past them onto others who do. As catalysts, their ultimate change must come from them as we merely inspire, encourage, and point them in the right direction.  May you find your path as the “chosen ones.”  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit wiht All Rights Reserved)

Healing the Throat Chakra


During some recent body work and Reiki energy work, I learned more about one of my earlier lifetimes.  About a year ago, I had a vision of an earlier lifetime when I lost my mother as a small Native American child.  In this vision, I watched a shaman trying to help my mother, but she died and I saw her spirit leave her body.  In this earlier lifetime, I was an Native American male, and saw that I was quite sickly.

In this recent vision, I was sitting over some type of smoke or steam with a blanket over my head as some form of medical treatment.  My Reiki practitioner working on me saw that I had an injury to my throat that caused me to be reclusive and also affected my hearing. I believe that this throat blockage is associated with the emotional pain of my mother’s death.

During my treatment with this Reiki practitioner, she told me that I currently have a throat chakra blockage from these past lifetime experiences. I have been working to remove this blockage for several months now as I continue to work to release those energy blockages through body work, Reiki, and crystals healing for my throat chakra.  As I release the blockages here, I will be better able to speak my truth and ask for what I want and need in my life.  May you find your voice to speak your truth. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

The Cycle of Pain


In my earlier post, I shared with you that I have been observing those around me who are stuck in the cycle of pain.  What this cycle is – while I have personally experienced this for most of my life – involves denial of our emotional pain.  Through this denial, we suppress or repress this emotional pain thereby projecting our problems onto others around us, live with anxiety attacks and depression, or live with serious physical ailments.  We also use escape through addiction or dissociation to cope with this pain, or express this pain through hostility, rage, or anger towards others.

Being stuck in this cycle is like living in hell.  I recall the years of living this way where I wanted to die to ease the pain.  There is a way out of this hell through the methods discuss on my blog, beginning with “Emotional Release Practice” found at this tab on my Blogsite Homepage.  This cycle of pain cause us to lose those we love, thereby creating more emotional pain, repeating this cycle over and over again in our soul lives.

Many believe that if they kill themselves that this pain would end.  Unfortunately, when we return in another lifetime, we continue with the same energy body left from the previous incarnation.  This negative energy remains in our energy body or aura including past negative karma called the painbody.  You either do the work now or do the work later, as there are no short cuts to rid our emotional pain stored in our painbody.  May you find your path to healing.  (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)