Living without Expectations of Outcome


When we live without expectations of outcome in our lives, we end our own suffering.  I recently have come to understand this very well, and practice this now.  This process is part of coming to acceptance about the reality in our life and surrender to that which we cannot control.  Expectations of outcome is the work of the ego satisfying its emotional needs.

I have been reading different blogs on twin flames.  Many of the these blogs recommend making decisions in our current life based on expectations of outcome of a possible future with their twin flames that may not even come to fruition.  Just because one finds his/her twin flame does not automatically mean they will unite in this or future lifetimes.  One blogger mentioned that she would marry someone with the expectation that she would leave that person when her twin flame finally decides to be with her.  I find this practice troubling, if not unhealthy to one’s life.

In spiritual practice, we try to live a freer, more peaceful, compassionate, and loving life with less suffering. When we place these expectations on our relationships, people, and events in our lives, we begin to suffer whenever these expectations are not met.  In fact, when we give up our expectations of outcome with someone, we actually free ourselves from that person.

This is true when we love someone, who does not return our love.  It is this expectation of the return of love that grasp a hold of our hearts that prevents us from moving forward with others through allowing them into our hearts.  Our hearts can love many people, but expectations of outcome is not love at all; it is simply attachment or dependency of another based in ego.

When we are able to let go of these expectations with another, the suffering ends, and we can wish them happiness and joy by sending them unconditional love since not receiving their love in return no longer hurts us.  To reach this place gives us peace and freedom, finally allowing us to live a life in the present moment as we experience the natural unfolding of our life along our chosen path.  ~ Brooke (Copyright 2013 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)